Stabletherm ST15

5 sec opentime, 2 sec settime, versatile, superior ability to resist viscosity change eliminates gelling, skinning and nozzle blocking char particles

ST10 is a fast setting and clean machining hot melt adhesive principally used for carton erecting and sealing, tray erecting, outers and wrap around case packing. It has a particularly low viscosity and is very resistant to stringing on dauber and fast wheel applicators.

Substrates: ST10 has good adhesion to a variety of paper based materials found in packaging applications eg. white lined chipboard, folding boxboard, corrugated and PE board. It copes well with the current variety of recycled board stocks. It will bond to many inks and water based laquers, though high gloss varnishes and grease resistant coatings should be avoided.

Service Conditions: The bonding characteristics retain bond integrity over the range -20oC to +40oC.

Food Contact: Permitted under F & DA 921/CFR. 175.105

Physical Form: The product is available in 10kg sacks in 100grm Block form and 10kg sacks in pellet form. Blocks generally have a faster melt down rate and avoid spilled pellets in the workplace.

Thermal Viscosity Stability: ST10 is very stable on prolonged heating so carbonisation and gelling should not be apparent in practice.

Application Temperatures: The adhesive is applied in the temperature range 125oC -135oC dependent on local conditions.

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