PS-2526 Pressure Sensitive Hotmelt Adhesive

A Sprayable High Tack Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive used for bonding difficult substrates that may require high heat resistance.


Viscosity at 177 ºC (Brookfield, Thermosel System) (MC07/ASTM D.3236) : 10000 ± 3000 cPs

Softening point (R&B) (MC08/ASTM E.28) : 117 ± 5ºC

Colour : Yellow

Density (MC206) : Approx. 0,96


Peel Adhesion (MC203/FTM1, 25g/m2 of adhesive coated on PET; Typical test values not sales specifications)

20min (steel) :35,4 N/25mm

24h (steel) :45,3 N/25mm

Heat resistance - SAFT (MC218) Typical value : 90ºC

Good thermal stability.

High cold tack.


For use in wheeler, roller, nozzle or other applicator system.

Recommended working temperature: 160 – 180ºC

Temperatures above 190ºC should be avoided.

During extended machine stops it is recommended to switch off the heating.

CLEANING While hot by scrapping with a spatula, remove any rests with CLEANER HM-2002.

FORM OF SUPPLY Pillows, approx. 700gr

STORAGE: Cool and dry at least 2 year according to our experience.

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PS-2526 Pressure Sensitive Hotmelt Adhesive