PS-2504 Pressure Sensitive Hot-Melt Adhesive

PS-2504 is a Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive used for paper labels and pressure sensitive tapes. Due to its excellent adhesion properties it’s also recommended for different assembly applications


Viscosity at 177 ºC (Brookfield, Thermosel System) (MC07/ASTM D.3236) : 4700 ± 750 cPs

Softening point (R&B) (MC08/ASTM E.28) : 75 ± 5ºC

Colour : Yellow

Density (MC206) : Approx. 0,97


Peel Adhesion (MC203/FTM1, 25g/m2 of adhesive coated on PET; Typical test values not sales specifications)

20min (steel) :26,0 N/25mm

24h (steel) :29,4 N/25mm

Heat resistance - SAFT (MC218) Typical value : 55ºC

High cold tack.


For use in wheeler, roller, nozzle or other applicator system.

Recommended working temperature: 160 – 170ºC

Temperatures above 180ºC should be avoided.

During extended machine stops it is recommended to switch off the heating.

CLEANING: While hot by scrapping with a spatula, remove any rests with CLEANER HM-2002.

FORM OF SUPPLY: Pillows, approx. 700g and Small pillows, approx. 15g

STORAGE: Cool and dry at least 2 year according to our experience.

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PS-2504 Pressure Sensitive Hot-Melt Adhesive