PowerMatic E Spray Gun

POWERMATIC E is an automatic spray gun for the professional application of any type of low viscosity liquid including paint, conformal coatings, sealants & adhesives.

 It is designed to be used on automatic and robotic systems and it is the result of careful research and development. It is made with advanced materials and techniques allowing it a long working life, even under extreme conditions.


• The new spraying technology grants a high transfer efficiency according to the VOC regulation. The double transferring system comes from the HVLP technology with regards to the low pressure and from the HPS technology for the high painting efficiency. The low solvent emissions result in considerable paint and money savings and help to respect the environment.

• The cleaning of the outside of the gun is made much easier, even without removing it from the supporting bracket, with the anodized surface treatment.

• Two independent regulators grant a very precise and accurate regulation of the fan and of the paint atomization.

• The head is made of brass, the nozzles and needles of stainless steel, while the gun body is made of anodized aluminium

• The air and the material washers have a slack automatic salvage system which makes them long lasting. The washers are fitted onto a cartridge which makes them easily, quickly and cheaply replaceable.

• Its compact shape and light weight make this gun suitable to many different applications.

• It is available with a wide range of nozzles, responding to different needs.


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PowerMatic E Spray Gun
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