POWERBOND S585A/S85 Reactive Acrylic Adhesive

POWERBOND S585A/S85A is a MEDIUM VISCOSITY, versatile, premixed, rapid curing Reactive Acrylic Adhesive suitable for bonding dissimilar surfaces in the metal, Alloy and plastic fabrication industries.

POWERBOND S585A/S85A is a premixed or two-way (one on each surface) Reactive Acrylic Adhesive. It may also be used bead on bead. It has a mix ratio of 1:1 and cures rapidly to give a strong bond on a wide range of surfaces.

Adhesive S585A is red and Activator S85 A is blue-green to give a distinctive colour change as an indicator of good mixing. 

Apply (1) a thin bead of adhesive premixed through a static mixer to one surface or (2) a thin coat of one component to one surface and the second to the other or (3) a bead either on or beside the second bead by dispensing from a twin cartridge without using a static mixer. Here one must ensure that in mating the surfaces, adequate mixing has occurred.

Bring the two surfaces together within the work-life of the premixed adhesive and do not disturb the bond during the early minutes of cure. Pressure during cure is helpful but not essential. If clamps are used, their pressure should not be varied once applied. Once cured the adhesive will provide a structural strenght bond which is resistant to many industrial chemicals.

Colour : Red/Green mixes to blue

Viscosity: poises 25ºC : 40-60


Flammability: Highly Inflamable 

Flash point: (closed cup) 11°c

Work life, thin bead: 3 mins

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