POWERBOND RC400A Industrial Hotmelt Roller Coating System

The POWERBOND RC400A is an Industrial Quality self contained, desktop hotmelt adhesive roller coating system

The POWERBOND RC400A Industrial Quality Hotmelt Adhesive Roller Coater will apply hotmelt adhesive evenly from edge to edge regardless of the shape of the component, e.g. the first product could be the shape of a piece of A4 paper the next an inner sole of a shoe, the left side of the roller has an open throat to allow for edge gluing. The independantly heated application roller ensures that the adhesive is transferred from the roller to the product at the right temperature, quickly, accurately and without any overspray or mess. The second major advantage is a massive saving on the quantity of glue you will use, the application roller rotates in a bath of molten glue, as the roller leaves the glue it passes a “Scraper Blade” this is a  blade that you can move towards or away from the roller therefore setting the exact thickness of the glue to be transferred to the product, the adhesive is therefore consistently applied at the minimum thickness to guarantee consistent bonding at the lowest cost. 

  • Customised Roller Widths from 30mm to 300mm

  • Variable Speed Roller Control

  • Independant Tank Temperature Control

  • Independant Application Roller Temperature control

  • Integeral 3kg Melt tank

  • 3kg per hour melt rate

  • Viscosities up to 20,000 CPS

  • Desktop Format

  • Formatable rollers to give: Dots, Strips, Web, Edge coating and Even coating.



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POWERBOND RC400A Industrial Hotmelt Roller Coating System