Cyanoacrylate activator. General purpose activator. Heptane based formulation. Used for pre- or post-activation of any POWERBOND Cyanoacrylate adhesive

The general rule of thumb is:  The thicker the adhesive (higher viscosity) the slower the cure.


1) You want to bond MDF which is a porous material. If you use a low viscosity adhesive it just soaks into the wood and will not bond, you therefore choose a higer viscosity (thicker) adhesive that will not soak in but will sit on top of the wood, the down side is that the thicker the adhesive the slower the cure rate, to increase the cure rate you have two choices:

a) Spray activator on the other surface and this will increase the speed of cure ( remember that activators do weaken the bond, however, in simple applications the bond is invariably still stronger than the substrate)

b) Buy a Premier Grade Surface Insensitive Grade to increase cure speed without the need of an activator.

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