Powerbond 202AH

Totalmelt Desktop Hotmelt Adhesive System for applying Dots, Strips and Spray patterns.

Widely used in numerous Product Assembly and Packaging Application, the Powerbond 202AH can be used to apply Dots, Strips and Spray patterns.

Unlike glue guns your choice of adhesive formulation is not resricted, the system is easily filled with hotmelt adhesive sticks, granules or pressure sensitive pillows.

When Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are used the dots are a fraction of the price of glue dots you buy on the roll. For example: the average cost of a 5.5mm diameter dot is £0.001

The adhesive is melted in an integeral 1kg melt tank, compresed air feeds the glue to the application head at a rate of circa 2.5kg/hr, this eliminates the expense of specialsed piston pumps or gear pumps to dispense the adhesive. The application head can be controlled manually or via the integeral timer giving giving accurate and consistant distribution, this is because the application head is opened and closed by an independant solinoid allowing the adhesive which is under a constant pressure and compression in the melt tank to flow evenly.

Adhesives up to 20,000 cps

Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free to quickly and efficiently produce your products


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Powerbond 202AH