Powerbond MS200.2

The MS 200.2 applies hot-melt in the form of 43mm slugs, granules and pillows. It will also dispense waxes and many other products that require heating to become liquid.

The MS200.2 does not require compressed air and with 500 Watts of power it is ready to go in 5 minutes. The application temperature is adjustable between 20°c to 200°C. The MS200.2 also has a unique trigger adjustment pin to allow the gap between the handle and the front of the trigger to be made smaller for smaller hands.

An integrated magnetic foot provides a stability base on magnetic surfaces and a wire-stand provides provides stability on non-magnetic surfaces.

A variety of nozzles are available the MS 200 serves almost every application conveniently, flexibly and professionally.

Weight of the gun: 1.22kg

Power Supply: 230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz) on request

Power Consumption: 500 Watt

Temperature control: thermostat

Temperature limitation: temperature controller

Operating temperature: 20°c to 200°C

Consistency of temperature: ± 5 deg. C

Heat-up time: approx. 5 min.

Gross Tank Capacity: 250 ml

Length of electric cord: 1.8 m

Recommended Glues: POWERBOND Hot-melt granulate, pillows and 43mm slugs.

Today's Price: £429.00 exc vat

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