K-1002 Low Pressure Molding System

Semi-automatic processing system K-1002 with shuttle table for Powerbond Low Pressure Molding.

The system is designed for middle and high volume moldings with Powerbond Polyamide Hotmelts . The simple and safe handling of the machine with injecting and cooling process control provides high reproducibility in the production. Because of the shuttle table the molded parts can be removed and the new parts can be placed into the second lower mold, during the injection, holding, and cooling process.

The same molds from our larger machines like K1002 or rotary indexing table, can be used because the mold systems are compatible.


- The top half of the mold is closed pneumatically (start with Zero Force Buttons pressed simultaneously)

- The injection system (hot melt injecting head) is automatically presented to the mould pneumatically

- The mould is moved to the moulding position by manually moving of the shuttle table

- Electronically controled for the injection time, holding time and cooling process

- Various hot  melt units can be adapted


- The upper and lower molds are sensor controlled

- The locking of the mold is sensor controlled during the injecting & cooling process

- The correct position of the injecting head to the mold is controlled

- The shuttle table position is sensor controlled

Weight: approx. 90 kg

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Adhesive required for K-1002 Low Pressure Molding System

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K-1002 Low Pressure Molding System
K-1002 Low Pressure Molding System - Click to Zoom K-1002 Low Pressure Molding System - Click to Zoom