Jowat 628.90 Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive

Isocyanate Free Long open time 30-40 sec . Particularly good for Laminating & Assembly Applications (also for bonding untreated PP, ABS & PS) Bonds Virtually Anything !! used for numerous application in many different industries

When fully crosslinked this product has excellent resistance to High and low temperatures

Application Temperature: 140°C

Bond Strenght:  approx 60% Immediately when cold, final bond strenght approx 3 days depending on humidity.

Appearance: White/opaque

Storage: 12mths in original 310 sealed container (Cool & Dry 15-25°c)

Cleaning: POWERBOND 930.34 POR cleaner in a 310 cartridge. 

For Information: Packed 310ml Aluminium cartridge. 35 per carton.

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Jowat 628.90 Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive