Holzher 63mm EVA Hotmelt Slug

Tested and Certified by the Holz-Her laboratory, Holz-Her Edgebanding Hotmelt Cartridges 63mm X 80mm available in Clear. White, Ivory, Mahogany & Black.

High Quality Unfilled EVA Edgdebanding Hotmelt manufactured specifically for the Holzer edgebanding systems. Bonds HPL,PVC,ABS,PP,PAPER & VENEER

EVA adhesive with a lowmelt viscosity, good wetting, elastic adhesive film, excellent adhesion, good resistance to oxidation and colour stability in the melt. The form stability and procesing requirements were confirmed by Holzher

The nozzle technology developed and patented by HOLZ-HER, in combination with the closed-circuit heating system, represents a quantum leap with respect to conventional technology.  This technology constitutes the basis of both the HOLZ-HER cartridge and the HOLZ-HER ultra-granupress systems. Both offer inrivalled properties when it comes to glue-joint quality, processing time and the resulting processing cost.  


If a system has to be ready for use quickly, the HOLZ-HER systems are definite front runners. Their operating temperature of 205 degrees Celsius is reached in just 3.5 minutes. You will be saving 70% of the time required by conventional systems, and will use only 5% of the heating energy needed for roller application systems.

High Flexibility Through Simplified Glue Changes

Day-to-day production often makes it necessary to process different types of workspieces on short notice. The HOLZ-HER systems provide this needed flexibility: Changing glue types  takes just a minute and no special tools are required. All that is changed is the cartridge, or the glue hopper in the case of the ultra-granupress system. The time-consuming cleaning procedure of the glue pot, previously essential, is no longer necessary.

Clean Air

No glue vapors can escape from the air-tight chamber. Eliminating air contamination and noxious fumes. 

The POWERBOND-HOLZ-HER Cartridge System

The patented HOLZ-HER cartridge system is a practical solution for processing POWERBOND EVA and PU glue types. Advantages include, extremely short heating-up times and the fast-change over for both glue type and colour.

Proccessing of PU Glue

The patented HOLZ-HER cartridge system makes it possible to use Powerbond PU glue without the need for costly equipment modifications. Just replace an EVA cartridge by a PU cartridge  With a separate hotmelt unit, even large amounts of PU glue can be easily processed

Size: 63mm dia 80mm long

Packed: 15.4kg per carton

Colours: Black, Brown, White and Cream.

Full carton quantities only but composite colours are aceptable for discount. i.e. 2 x cartons of Black 2 x Cartons of Brown and 2 x Cartons of White = 6 Carton discount rate.

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Holzher 63mm EVA Hotmelt Slug
Holzher 63mm EVA Hotmelt Slug - Click to Zoom Holzher 63mm EVA Hotmelt Slug - Click to Zoom Holzher 63mm EVA Hotmelt Slug - Click to Zoom