Granulated Polyurethane (PUR) Hotmelt Adhesive

A patented PUR Hot Melt Adhesive in granulated format, suitable for edgebanding and general product assembly

Companies involved in edgebanding now have the availability to use high performance PUR hotmelt with their exsisting applications systems.

The roller basin should preferably be coated with a non stick material to prevent any chemical reaction with the adhesive. Companies who are new to this type of adhesive technology or smaller companies who have the need to produce short runs of PUR bonded products can now take advanyage of this tried and proven product.

Once opened the tin must be completely used within 8 hrs, with this in mind we have packed the adhesive in small 600grm tins (for information: standard packaging is 9 tins per carton). When changing adhesive types in your existing equipment it must be borne in mind that not all EVA or APAO adhesive are compatible with PUR, if that is the case we would recommend that your system is first of all cleaned with Powerbond 93074. If your adhesives are compatible then this proceedure will not be required.

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