930.74 Granulated Hotmelt System Cleaner

A Special Granulated Cleaner/Flushing Agent suitable for cleaning PUR/POR/EVA Hot Melt from all types of hotmelt equipment.

93074 is a granulated powder specially formulated to clean PUR and any other type of hotmelt from all types of application systems. It is particularly useful for cleaning PUR roller coating equipment and tank systems.

The Cleaner/Flushing agent contains a special PUR crosslinking inhibitor, this is particularly useful, if for example you have just done a short run of PUR edgebanding using our 607 Granulated PUR and you want to clean out your system so that the PUR adhesive does not cure overnight and clog up your system, as well as cleaning the system the inhibitor stops this happening and you can fill your system with standard EVA next time you use your system.

For cross linked or burnt on PUR (or EVA/POR) use 93060

Packed: 5 kilo

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