690 2K SE Polymer

An assembly adhesive for almost ALL applications. A two component Adhesive system which provides the perfect combination of the different (and contradictory) characteristics of High Strenght Epoxy Resins on one side and the Elastic Properties of moisture curing Silane sealants on the other. 690 is free of isocyanates and solvents

Extremely good adhesion on metals, plastics, wood, concrete and mineral substrates make this an ideal product for many product assembly applications.

The bondline remains flexible and will absorb tensile and stress forces. Any bond made with 690 will remain resistant to ageing and will withstand long term heat exposures of up to 140°c. The adhesive will also remain intact when exposed to short term high temperature cycles as used in powder coating applications.

Visable bondlines can be covered with most lacquer systems without any additional pretreatment.

The adhesive is supplied in the latest 2K cartridge system, which unlike conventional side by side systems it can be used in a conventional "skeleton gun" type applicator. The adhesive is automatically mixed through the static mixer supplied, although small amounts can be extruded straight from the cartridge and mixed by hand.

Crosslinking together with a build up of cohesion sets in imediately after mixing. The substrates should be joined together within 30 minutes after adhesive application and not moved for 2 hours, cure time can be reduced by heating up to 80°c. The joint can be subjected to some stress aftyer just 24hrs final strenght is acheived after 5-7 days.

Mixing Ratio by volume: 2:1

Pot life: 25-30 minutes

Processing temperature range in °c: +5 - +30

Colour: Dark Grey

Crosslinking time in hours: 24hrs (approx 50% of final strenght)

Shore hardnes A: approx 65

E modulus in Mpa: approx 5

Elogation at break in %: approx 150%

Glass transition temperatures in °c: approx -60 and approx +90

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