Hot Melt Applications:

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 Hotmelt Application Video's
A compilation of Hot Melt System video's
 Point of Sale Displays
Take a look at this great video and quadruple your output
Whether it be by hand or fully automated,Powerbond has the right adhesive and application system to get the job done.
 Mattress Assembly
Powerbond offer a wide range of adhesives for bonding the numerous substrates used in the manufacturing of a modern mattress, check out the Mattress Video. 
Our range of products serve an ever expanding range of automotive applications. As well as our Hand Gun range consider how this system could quadruple output, increase quality and reduce costs
 Tile Displays
Powerbond adhesives have been used for tile display boards for many years and have a proven track record
Powerbonds 817 black polyamide adhesive was developed for potting electronic components, encapsulation, component stabilisation, wire tacking, mechanical protection, low pressure moulding, over moulding of PCB and sensors and product identification and for the bonding of difficult plastics such as flexible PVC.
 Print Finishers
Powerbond offers a complete range of adhesives for print finishing, hand finishing, and fulfilment mailing services
 Astroturf - Artificial Grass
Powerbond hot melt adhesives and application systems have been used for gluing, fixing and sealing artificial grass / Astroturf for many years
  Ski & Snowboard Repairs
There's nothing special about this application to warrant spending up to £155 for what is simply a gluegun with a flat nozzle. more....
 Reactive Hot Melt Technology
Reactive hot melts are a new concept in adhesive bonding and have been designed to change the approach to fastening, bonding and fixing.
 Precast Concrete
Powerbond 421 & 431 hot melt adhesives are used for bonding pre-cast concrete moulds for the construction industry
 Green Roofs
Green roofs bring the countryside into the City, they also provide a high degree of insulation therefore providing a constant temperature throughout the year.
 Geofabric Bonding
Japanese Knotweed is Britians most invasive plant. The plant thrives on disturbed ground. Geofabric is used to prevent it spreading.
 Peelable Adhesives
Powerbond peelable adhesives are used for bondings CD’s, membership cards, credit cards and promotional items to magazines, programmes, leaflets and trade press. Available in Bulk, Pillows and Small 50grm Cartridges
 Foam Bonding
Health & Safety, Insurance, Storage and Disposal problems are now making solvented adhesives redundant. Powerbond hotmelts are a safe alternative for foam converting, upholstery, seating, insulation, sound deadening and protective packaging markets
 Protective Packaging
High-tec and fragile products protective packaging is in great demand. EPS can be bonded with Powerbond Dualmelt without any heat damage to the product 
Hot melt adhesives are used in numerous assembly applications including, mitre joints, templates for granite worktops, kitchen fixing, bar fitting, trimmings and edgings, draw assembly and picture framing.
 Holz-her Machine Adhesives
Powerbond supply the standard EVA Cartridge used by this system. We also supply PUR in granulated format and Hotmelt Systems to upgradge your machine to PUR/Bulk adhesives.