Ski & Snowboard Repairs

The two simplist ways to repair your Ski or Snowboard are:

1) Hotmelt Adhesive with Spreader Nozzle: Proceedure, we would advise you to use a hot air paint stripper to warm the surface around the crack, this will help the hotmelt flow into the crack and improve the bond, simply force the hotmelt into the crack, allow to cool and scarp off the excess with a razor blade, if you are a professional repair shop you may wish to consider the Powerbond K3360 with the N-012 spreader nozzle. For the DIYer the K1200 with the N-012 speader nozzle will do the same job.

2) The preferred method for Easy of Use and Industrial Strength:  Powerbond Industrial 792 Rubber Toughend Clear Cyanoacrylate Adhesive straight from the bottle, if posible simply open crack slighly and force in the adhesive, close the gap if possible and leave for 30-60 secs, Job done. Scrape off any squeeze out or excesive adhesive. The Rubber Toughened Series is designed for use in critical temperature and higher humidity environments. These rubber toughened high viscosity products can be used where flexibility, high strength and vibration resistance is needed. They will bond most common subsrates and are suitable for difficult to bond materials, such as thermal plastic. Data: Ethyl | Rubber Toughened | 1000-2000cps | Clear | Medium Set | Gap Fill 0.008 | Tensile PSI 3000 | Temp Range -65°F TO 210°F