This proposal will not cost you or your Company anything except a decision.

Helping us, will help You and help the Animals


Here at Powerbond we are passionate about all forms of animal welfare, that is why this year Powerbond have launched what we consider to be a proactive venture to support the smaller animal welfare groups, as well as the people who benefit or could benefit from the interaction, love and companionship a pet can give.

I hope that you can take a little time to see what we are proposing, and how it will benefit YOU.

Whilst most people and Companies who care give what they can, the demand for charitable donations continues to increase due to the lack of government funding and it's a fact of life that people not only become charity fatigued, but understandably as money becomes tight and/or Company profits decline we all have to tighten our belts.

The decision is simple: Would you prefer ALL the profits from your purchases to go into the Charity or into the pockets of your supplier's shareholders?

Nothing new in that I hear you say, well this is where it gets interesting........

How it works for Companies:

Many Companies have to purchase adhesives each month to either pack or produce their products. Does your Company provide products or services to the animal industry? if so by purchasing your adhesives or application systems from Powerbond, every single penny profit will go directly into the Powerbond Animal Welfare Trust. For all other Companies or individuals who want to be involved in helping the trust 5% of ALL profits will be donated to the Trust by Powerbond Adhesives Ltd. 

How will your Company benefit:

Web promotion of your Company: Every Company that supports our project will be entered onto a "Roll of Honour" this will be showcased on this website in a flash presentation similar to the one on our home page. As well as your name being viewed by all the customers we attract, we shall encourage and help recipients from the trust, together with their supporters and friends to "link" to this site, we envisage that we will attract circa 30,000 hits per month and we expect that number to increase substantially when the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) improves as the "links" develop. We all know how commercially valuable that level of exposure will be to your Company, the "Roll of Honour" will also, quite rightly portray your Company to your customers and potential customers as a caring Company, a Company who is giving something back when in reality it won't be costing you a single penny from your bottom line.

Location promotion of your Company: As a condition of our support recipients from the trust will be required to display the "Roll of Honour" at the entrance to their sanctuary and at various prominent locations within the site to maximise the exposure of our supporters, collectively, rescue centres attract thousands of visitors each year, the kudos and potential increase in sales your Company could receive should not be underestimated.

Location promotion of your products: Potentially the thousands of visitors to our website and rescue centres are a captive audience for your products, each time an animal is rehomed, invariably the next stop for that person is the local pet shop. This represents lost sales opportunities for both you and our organisation. We shall where appropriate reinvest some of the profits we make from your purchases back into your Company by encouraging and supporting the rescue centre to supply your products to their customers. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of purchasing products such as Kennels, Shelters, Bedding, Toys, Accessories and Food for resale at chosen locations. We are also conducting a feasibility study into developing a "Buy and get free home delivery " of your products to pet owners within the local vicinity to the rescue centres who can participate and we support.

Web promotion of your products: This site will have a dedicated ecommerce shop linked to the Animal Welfare Section, we shall offer for sale a whole range of products that are either used by animals or use animals as a promotional aid e.g. clothes, handbags, tee shirts, stationary, cards and china. If by now your Company is beginning to realise the enormous unlocked potential of our proposals and you want to know more  contact us now.

Web Advertising: Advertise your Company on this site. The sale of YOUR products will be proportional to the amount of people who see them, Find out more..

Website Design and Development: Do you like the Powerbond website, would your Company benefit from something similar, contact us for a quote.

We truly believe our proposals represent a win, win situation for everyone involved, but most importantly it's the animals that will be the biggest winners. Your decision will make the difference between knowing that a regular cheque is going to land on the rescue centres mat enabling them to plan, fund and implement the important work needed to improve animal welfare, compared to working hand to mouth managing what they can, when they can.


We can't lead this endeavour alone, but we can start it

The decision is Simple - The decision is Yours !

Link to us !!

·          The more people who link to us
·          The more people will find us
·          The more people who find us
·          The more interested Companies will be in advertising on our site
·          The more Companies who advertise
·          The more money the site will make for the animals

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