How the Trust will help you: 

Stage one: Our plan is to initially support the numerous smaller charities many of which only survive due to the dedicated help of unpaid volunteers, the "hands on" charities that do not have the time to rattle the can, organise car boot sales or have the benefit of internal PR marketing departments, because they are too busy attending to the nuts and bolts of keeping the whole thing running. .


People like our good friend Pat Wood, from The Leek Home for Stray Cats & Dogs who this year was awarded the OBE for her tireless dedication to the rescue and re-homing of cats and dogs, I have included an editorial from our local paper which I hope you will find of interest, although it mentions nothing about the tens of thousands of pounds she has personally put into the rescue centre to keep it going due to lack of support. Click the picture to read more about this incredible lady

Stage two: will be to support a neutering program to prevent the birth of all those unwanted animals.

Our ultimate goal, is to establish a network of "Pets for Pets Supermarkets" offering everything you and your pet will need. Once in place the Supermarkets will provide substantial but more importantly regular funding. They will also provide a loyalty card for customers, points will build up on your card for you or your friends to use for in store discounts on the medication prescribed free of charge by the welfares visiting vet.

Every single penny profit from your purchases will be ploughed back into the support of the animals and their owners.


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