Furniture Manufacture

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Edge Banding

EVA hot melt adhesive
APAO hot melt adhesive
PUR hot melt adhesive

  • For square edges, softforming, BAZ ...
  • for all standard edgebands
  • unfilled and filled adhesives,
  • special coloring by request.

Assembly of sandwich elements

PUR hot melt adhesive
POR hot melt adhesive
PU prepolymers

  • General purpose adhesive or the most varied material combinations - aluminum - HDF - MDF - EPS - particleboard - carton - metal - plastic honeycombs, and more.
  • Cost efficient manufacturing process!

Flooring (parquet and laminate)

PUR hot melt adhesive
Pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive
D3 dispersions

  • PUR hot melt adhesive for double layer parquet.
  • D3 dispersions for multiple layer parquet and tongue and groove bonding (laminates and parquet).
  • Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for soundproofing of flooring material.

Veneer manufacture, veneer splicing

PVAc dispersions

  • special products for multiple veneer assembly,
  • for veneer splicing and finger jointing.
  • special dispersion adhesives for
    fleece coating and fleece lamination.

Profile wrapping

EVA hot melt adhesive
APAO hot melt adhesive
PUR hot melt adhesive

Manufacture of 3D furniture fronts / membrane pressing technology

PU dispersions
1-component and reactive

Postforming and worktop sealing

EVA / PA hot melt adhesive
PUR hotmelt adhesive

Dowelling, frames and carcase bonding

PVAc dispersions

  • Dowelling glues for all standard application equipment.
  • Clean cutoff at the machine, exact control of application pattern,
  • water resistant D3 for window frame assembly.

Flat lamination, coating

PVAc dispersions
EVA dispersions
EVA hot melt adhesives

  • reactive and non-reactive dispersion adhesives for hot and cold processes,
  • for finish foils and laminates, HPL, CPL,
  • and hot melt adhesives for precoating.