Automotive Industry & Subsuppliers

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Lamination of doors and side panels etc.

Polyurethane dispersions 1-component and reactive

  • reactive PU dispersion with inherent crosslinking
  • excellent adhesion to PVC foils
  • Panelling of doors and side sections
  • Dashboard, steering wheel, hat racks etc.

Manufacture of vehicle seating

PUR hot melt adhesive
Powder adhesives for the manufacture of car seats

  • No impairment of the textiles in their "feelable" properties
  • Excellent compound strength
  • Intelligent and cost-efficient production sequences

Coating of insulation materials

PS hot melt adhesives
PS dispersions for coating

Assembly bonding for car interiors

PUR and POR hot melt adhesives for assembly

  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates
  • Very high compound strength data
  • Intelligent and cost-efficient production sequences

Self-adhesive coating of insulation films

Pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive for self-adhesive properties of insulating materials

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy assembly
  • Permanent adhesive strength
  • Good heat resistance