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An extensive range of Heated Hoses to suit every manufacturers hotmelt systems and other industrial applications

For conveying of liquids and gas, with constant holding of temperature. Operating temperature from 86 to 500 F (30260 C), special versions up to 662 F (350C). Several nominal diameters of internal hose can accomplish any delivery. The wide range of screw fittings and electrical connectors meet any technical and productive demand.

T100: operating temperature up to 212 F (100 C), DN 3,2100 mm, length on request, without limits
T200: operating temperature up to 392 F (200 C), DN 3,2100 mm, length on request, without limits
T250: operating temperature up to 482 F (250 C), DN 3,2100 mm, length on request, without limits
T350: operating temperature up to 662 F (350 C), DN 3,2100 mm, length on request, without limits.

Special versions: for very high operating pressures, for EEx classified areas, with water resistant external sheath for wet room or with stainless steel braid to improve mechanical resistance, with incorporated thermoregulation, with autoregulating heating elements (ATEX standard), with additional through wires, compressed air hose, etc.

The wide range of fittings enormously increases the application possibilities. In fact, brass, iron or stainless steel fittings are normally available with BSP, metric, J.I.C., ASA threads, others on request. It is possible to coat in PTFE the fittings and flange-holder assemblies, no matter the material they are manufactured from, to improve resistance to chemicals and achieve perfect inertia.
The connection possibilities to various industrial plants are multiple thanks to the huge range of electrical connectors available.

The electrically heated hoses, equipped by their PTFE core, are used in every industrial field, from alimentary to chemical, from automotive to pharmaceutical, in general wherever it is necessary for high quality and high resistance hoses and a precise temperature control.

Some examples:

> Hotmelt Adhesive Systems
> Foaming of dual-compound machines with independent heating
> Machines for gas analysis in steel foundries, tests in automotive industry
> Heating systems, to lubricate dense diesel oil for feeding the boiler
> CO2 fillers, to avoid cooling by expansion
> Machines for food processing industry, e.g. icing cakes or coating with chocolate
> Sound-proofing foam spraying, e.g. seat covers or glasses
> Road work machines, for asphalting
> Toxicity or anti-pollution control systems, paint spraying cabins
> Survey and analysis of gas.


The hose core is made of extruded sintered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), an 18/8 AISI 304 stainless steel braid outer sheath ensures protection and high resistance to working pressures.
The heating up is obtained by heating elements, at variable power, twisted around the hose core.
A sensor, inserted in the inner part, detects the temperature of the material and allows an external device to control the heating element to hold the temperature constant.
The end fittings are applied by means of a special process of cold deformation (pressing) which guarantees a perfect tightness even at a very high pressure.
The end covers and the polyamide sheath assure optimal mechanical strength, indispensable for manual application or hose movement.
The manufacturing of the heating hoses satisfies strict internal and external controls.
The production is entirely tested.

PTFE can be considered the "noble" polymer par excellence, thanks to its really unique combination of valuable features, such as low friction factor, excellent chemical inertia, extremely anti-adhesive surface, high resistance to high and low temperatures, excellent dielectric properties, ideal relationship between rigidity and flexibility, excellent resistance to humidity, non-existent volumetric expansion. The only elements which can damage it are: alkaline metals in a molten state (e.g. sodium and potassium) and some fluorinated chemical compounds (fluorine in a gaseous form, chlorine fluoride, etc.).

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