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Natural Light and UV Light curable adhesives for bonding Glass to Glass, Glass to Metal, PVC, Polycarbonate and Conformal Coatings for Industrial & Consumer use.

Invisible, instant and high strength, Powerbond UV curing adhesives and coatings are single component products which cure (polymerise) when exposed to Natural or UV light.

UV light curing resins are particularly suitable for most glass, metal and plastic combinations and therefore used extensively in the construction, aerospace and automotive industry

We have optimised our range for use in bonding, sealing, coating and potting. UV compounds with secondary anaerobic and heat curing mechanisms are also available.

Powerbond UV curing products are the adhesives of choice for the cosmetics industry and more specifically for professional use in the nail industry with UV gels and polishes.

By applying a similar UV technology we have a range of liquid photopolymer resins designed for applications in the graphics, printing and packaging industry.

Key Features
• Flexible, high strength bond
• Clear bond lines
• Superior chemical and physical properties
• Cure on demand with low UV levels
• Low capital investment in equipment
• Ideal for automated production

• Trophies, ornaments and jewellery
• Glassware and glass furniture
• Potting and encapsulating of electrical
• Electronics
• Cosmetics
• Medical device assembly
• Flexography and packaging

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POWERBOND 310 Natural Light Curable Construction Adhesive

A Clear CONSTRUCTION Acrylic Adhesive that will cure by using a standard fluorescent tube, desk lamp and even the Sun.